Thursday, September 11, 2008

Importance of Observation

A friend and I were talking yesterday about writing in general and poetry specifically. She is a fantastic observer. When we first met she was very quiet, but when I would talk with her (For better or worse, I am a talker) it was evident that she was always watching, taking it all in, and thinking before she spoke. Now that we have known each other for three or four years, she talks a lot more, but I often catch her watching, too, and I love that about her. Yesterday I told her I would love to read some of her poems, that I am sure they are quite good. She laughed and told me they are probably not as good as I imagine. I said I bet they are amazing because good writing is really all about observations and she has proven she is good at that.

Replied my dear friend, "Can't argue that."

And isn't it true that the richest writing, the things we all most like to read, are peppered with textures, tastes, smells, sounds, and the smallest details of what we see? The best writing engages all the senses and in doing that transports us into the world of the character(s).

The observer hasn't shared any poems with me yet, but I'm sure she is just watching & waiting for the right time. Until then, I'll share one of my observations:

He is the kind of boy who
is beautiful and doesn't know it
or knows it and doesn't care
Long, lean, leggy, always
unconsciously readjusting his frame
Thank you to his mother from whence he came
But its all the same to him

Crooked grin
frames crooked teeth
Real beauty lies beneath
Undeniable once he speaks
Which he does sparingly
and slowly
and thoughtfully

Relaxing the receivers
Patiently waiting for them to
catch their breath
and start to see not only with
their eyes but with their mind
feel not only with their loins but with their heart
Hoping they'll recognize his humanity

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