Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

This morning I woke up to my husband's morning phone call from New Mexico, snuggled with the kitty cat, shimmied out from under the covers and began my day. Food and water for the kitty, strawberries for me, followed by a warm shower, dressing, hair brushing and lipstick. I opened the blinds to the sunshine, opened the door to the fresh air, took a brisk walk around the neighborhood, and returned home to check on my favorite bloggers.

Then I realized, today is September 11th.

Seven years ago today thousands of people just like me woke up and went about their regular morning routines not knowing this would be the last time.

Seven years ago today not only were the lives of the families and friends of these people just like me changed in an instant, but the lives of all Americans and the world.

Seven years ago today...

How could I have woken up this morning unaware of the date? I admonish myself internally.

Then I pause and, whether appropriate or not, the Empty Nest Theme Song blares inside my mind. "Life goes on, and so do we, Just how we do it is no mystery.
One by one (one by one), We fill the days, We find a thousand different ways"

Life does go on and it is easy to get lost in and caught up in the thousand different ways we fill each day.

I decided it was o.k. that I didn't remember right away because what is important is that I remembered and I paused in remembrance. Really, I never did forget, its just that the piece of me that never forgot was waiting for me to open the blinds and let in the light so I could see.

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