Saturday, September 13, 2008


that my today was a wonderful day. I am grateful for, extra sleep, pink flowers from Rose-of-Sharon bush adorning my table in milk glasses, bees pollinating, friendly neighbors, fresh local strawberries all light and refreshing on my tongue, sight of husband in homemade newspaper party hat, partially sequined polka-dot party dress with spinny skirt that makes me feel like a woman and a girl all at once, lips for kissing, health, banana curls, Target Brand Apricot face scrub, talking and rocking on the front porch with my Love, hint of Fall breezing in and blowing out our citronella tea lights as we talked rocked, epiphanies, really really really really long and tight hugs,strength and motivation to get things done, sounds of laughter, feeling of laughter welling up and the moment just before it bursts forth, using fancy china, sunroof, high fives for the Red Sox, cuddling, inducing blissful kitty purrs, and, most of all, my husband's safe return from his business trip.

Prayers and positivity to Nie and Christian & family.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite <3

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