Monday, September 15, 2008

Impending Interview

After a wonderful weekend with my husband, I have time to write an entry in complete sentences. Thank goodness for that :-)

On September 12 in this entry I wrote about the opportunity I was offered to interview at Teen Voices Magazine. Well, since I did not receive a reply to the email I sent early Friday afternoon, I called them today and my interview is tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. Slowly things are progressing.

Now, I worked in Human Resources and have interviewed and been interviewed a fair number of times, but I still looked up "How to Interview for an Internship" and perused this article. I think this means I am nervous. I have never interviewed for an internship before, but I have confidently gone to be interviewed for positions on many occasions. What is different this time? I guess part of me views this opportunity as my first potential "big break" into the publishing business which is something I have been working toward for awhile now and it is on the cusp of coming true. Am I building it up a bit? Probably, but it is a big deal to me.

Then the practical, rational side of me says, "Alex, you have read the entire Teen Voices website from beginning to end, you have thought about how you might answer potential questions, you have a folder containing your questions and extra copies of your resume and cover letter, and, most importantly you have your self, your personality, your know-how, and your experience. You will be fine."

In less than twenty-four hours the interview will be over and the waiting to find out if I have been accepted begins.

I put it in the hands of a higher power. If it is to be, it shall be. I have done my part.

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