Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crazy Class

My class was awesome today! Had my pants and shoes been dry, it would have been slightly better. Ridiculous precipitation and calf high puddles made that an impossibility.

The class is a mix of adult students and traditional undergraduate students. For my school, the class is HUGE, 23 students enrolled. It will be interesting. With so many people in the class, some of them are bound to talk and be willing to share their ideas which makes a class for me. I thrive on the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

My professor is also my adviser in general and my adviser for my Teen Voices Independent Study. So, we will be spending lots of time together. Luckily, I really like her as a professor and a person.

The class is a 5000 level course (graduate level) and should be challenging.
In 14 weeks we:
read 7 books
write two 4-5 page reflective papers on 2 required reading books of own choosing
write one 6-8 page paper on one required reading book of own choosing
2 days a week go observe nature for 20 minutes and write a nature journal entry
On Earth Day, go to a related event and write a one page paper about the experience

Bring it on!


  1. sounds like a great experience

  2. You sound energetic and upbeat about the class. That is always a good thing and hopefully the energy will last throughout the semester:)

  3. You certainly will be challenged and I think that is great. Enjoy the process.

  4. that sounds fun to me! i really like the sound of the assignments. it will be awesome, if a little time consuming.

    i can't imagine a class as small as 23 people! most of mine have been double that and even my junior high classes are 32-36 students. what a great size to really get to know each other and still stay a somewhat intimate group.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! <3


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