Saturday, January 17, 2009

Strange Effects

Earlier this week, Mr. B&B and I went to see the Boston Celtics play the Toronto Raptors. We have been going to the games on a regular basis for almost 8 years, but I never brought my camera with me. This time I did. We sit way up high and I had to use my super zoom, paparazzi style action to get any up close images. A lot of the zoomed images came out clearly, but others took on the quality of a painting. Does anyone know why? Maybe because they were moving? Maybe I was moving? I have no idea. Here are a few.

View from the Seats (no zoom)

Varying degrees of zoom...

...and an abstract because I like abstracts.

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  1. It's definately because you were moving. When zooming in as far as you did, you have to be extra extra steady. But judging from some of the good one's you snapped, looks like you got a pretty steady hand!

    It's very hard to shoot zooming in. Even the pro's can't do it, that's why they always use tripods or monopods(1 stick tripods).


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