Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too Sweet?

I am a simple girl (in some ways). When it comes to aesthetics, I like things clean and clear. I guess you could say I am a minimalist. That is why I have always had the Minima Dark blogger template. Minima Dark is easy to read, no frills, and, according to my digital photography professor, photos usually show up better on a black background. Practical and Simple. Clean and Clear.

I wasn't always this way, though. When I was a little girl I saved everything (even "special" gum wrappers), doodled on everything, hung all kinds of busyness all over my room. I even decorated my backpack and a pair of crutches that I kept in my closet (don't ask). When I saw this template from Izzy Grace Blog Backgrounds, that little girl took over. She told me, "Oh, you have to have that! Even just for a little bit. Just through Valentine's Day... Pretty please? It's fun and cheery and you need that in the middle of winter, just a little bit of color... and it makes you smile..." And she just kept talking and talking to me until she really started making sense.

So, I'm trying it. That little girl, she is only one opinion. I'd be interested in what you all think since you are the ones who look at this and who I would like to keep happy so you keep visiting. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section, even if it is just a "Yes, keep it." or "No, my eyes, my eyes; go back to the original immediately; do not pass go, do not collect $200."

Thanks in advance for the input!


  1. not a fan. will of course continue reading though. the dots on the left side remind me of fingerprints. It does remind me of lined notebook paper though which is a bit nostalgic. Also, I am proud to say I remember the cructchers, and the time we spent together decorating them.

  2. KEEP IT! I think it adds to your character, bright, bubbly, beautiful! I like it!

  3. I love a good background - but this one is a bit distracting from your text. Although I think we can all grin and bear it through Valentine's Day!


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