Friday, January 9, 2009

In Recognition of Mr. B&B

Mr. B&B had a difficult morning.

His wife, having been busy running around to dentist appointments and bringing the cat to the emergency vet, didn't do much of anything around the house yesterday, and she was tired, very tired, this morning. So tired that she did not roll out of bed until half an hour after he did.

Mr. B&B woke up to dishes in the sink...and on the stove... and on the table... and on the counter. The only clean ones seemed to be in the un-emptied dishwasher.

Mr. B&B found some creative way to work around all of the mess, make his coffee, and prepare his breakfast without leaving a trace of any potential additional mess he may have made.

He had just settled into the couch with his breakfast, coffee, and Rachael Maddow on the t.v. screen, when his wife emerged. Blurry eyed, hair a fright, still sticky with sleep, she mumbled something and kissed him on the forehead.

Of all the things he could have said, this is what came out, "Oh, honey, I should have made you breakfast..."

Before he could go on, his wife replied, "Oh, that's sweet, but my mouth hurts too much anyway and I'm cold, so cold, is it cold in here?" all the while wrapping herself in a blanket.

Undeterred, with a smile on his face, he pressed valiantly on, "I know, I'll go get you a banana!"

But his wife would not have it, "Mouth hurts...brrr..."

So, he finished his oatmeal, took a sip of his coffee, and declared it time for his shower.

On a typical morning this declaration would be followed by his wife setting about making his lunch, pouring him a to-go cup of coffee, preparing a Nalgene bottle of ice water, and putting it all in his backpack by the front door. Today that was not the case.

Without grumbling, after showering and dressing, Mr. B&B left his wife cocooned in blankets on the couch and did it all himself.

When he was about done with everything, his wife padded into the kitchen, "I'm sorry, babe... Can I help?" "No," he replied, "I'm about done." "I suck." she replied as he headed to the front door collecting his keys and wallet along the way.

As he slipped on his jacket and slid on his boots, she appeared in the doorway to the foyer offering apologies and explanations (mouth hurts, tired, cold). He offered helpful suggestions such as ibprofen for the mouth pain, a nap, and a warm shower after which she might don her warmest and softest turtleneck sweater. "Suck isn't a word I'd use to describe you." said he.

In spite of all her shortcomings, he embraced her and kissed her mouth inside which lurked unbrushed teeth, before wishing her a wonderful day and closing the door behind him. Knowing she'd be peering out the window, he turned and flashed her a smile and a wave just like something out of a movie. She blew him a kiss and inwardly resolved to have the house clean, a meal on the table, and herself all gussied up when he arrives home this evening

Mr. B&B, thank you for being the man that you are and for loving me just as I am. I so appreciate all that you do for me, for us. Even though I may not always say it, I recognize everything you do, all of your wonderfulness, and am so proud of you and thankful for all the things you do small and large. Tonight may be a night to bust out the homemade party hats and present you with a trophy ;-)

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