Monday, January 5, 2009

Lonely Day 'til Melissa Came My Way

Today was a lonely day. My husband went back to work after nearly two weeks of vacation. I did dishes, folded laundry, and did some ironing. I wandered around my blog world, cut things I love out of a stack of magazines I am trying to get rid of, and mapped out some ideas for craft projects I'd like to tackle. I tried to make the bed three times, but the kitty would not budge from her nest.

Keeping busy kept away the lonelies until around 4:30. So, I decided to mosey out to my front porch and see what my mailbox held. Turns out it held exactly what I needed right at that very moment...

Beauty and Sweet words from my beloved postcard buddy, Melissa.

The birds are actually a sheet of stickers and they made it all the way across the country in pristine condition! What a brilliant idea, Melissa!

Check out the star fruit and guava fruit stamps. They make me smile :-)

Thanks for making my day, M!

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  1. yayayayayayay. It worked! this is great news :) Now I'll have to be on the lookout for other stickers to send your way. I think they look great pressed to the front of plain paper gift bags or on clear glass display jars.

    I also got a postcard from you today. I love the vintage-esque scene on the front. You make me smile weekly sweet Alex!


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