Saturday, January 17, 2009

Past Poetry

I have not been writing recently. Instead I have been sewing and crafting out of tangible materials. So, this morning I wandered through my "Alex - Writings" file on my computer and found this little, list'y' jewel written on January 3, 2006:

Words never fail
Sometimes babbling
Words never fail
To convey feeling
State of being
State of mind
Words always reveal
something of someone
to someone in
some way
Words never fail
In any language
In any context
In any time
They link us
To each other
To the world
To the past
To life
Words never fail
To go on
To go beyond
To go forward
To go to the root
Words never fail
to transcend
to transport
to translate
Words never fail
Sure and Strong
Ever present
Words never fail

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